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Alaska Inside Passage to Glacier Bay - Seattle to British Columbia to Southeast Alaska via Cruise Ship

Sector 2/B - Rock Bay to Port Neville, Johnstone Strait, British Columbia, Canada

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61 North on Johnstone Strait. Helmcken Is.
62 Chancellor Channel from Johnstone Strait. Hardwicke Is. 0n Left. W Thurlow on Right.
63 View South of Johnstone Strait at Chancellor Channel intersection.
64 Looking North close-up at Helmcken Is.
65 Looking South down Johnstone Strait from Helmcken Is.
66 Sayward on Salmon Bay, Vancouver Island, north of Helmcken Is.
67 Looking South at Helmcken Is., Harwicke Is on Left and W Thurlow in Distance
68 East through Sunderland Channel. Tuna Pt on Left, Hardwicke Is on Right
70 Johnstone Strait South from Port Neville
71 Johnstone Strait North from Port Neville