Chapter Six - Permits

ANY LAKE MANAGEMENT activity or construction work near any water body may require one or more of the following permits. Contact the permitting agencies listed early in the planning stages of your project. The landowner, agent, or contractor must obtain the required permits to avoid violation of local, state, and federal laws see the table below.
Permit Name Purpose Example Contact
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Required for activities within the 100-year flood plain or within 200 feet of the shoreline of certain lakes (20 acres or more), rivers (flowing at 20 cubic feet per second or greater), and other water bodies. Bottom barriers, rotovation, harvesting, and herbicide application. Your local planning department
Flood Plain Development Permit Required for all activity within the 100-year flood plain. Buildings, mining, filling, dredging, grading, paving, drilling operations, and storing equipment or materials. Your local planning or public works department
Hydraulic Project Approval Permit Required for activities that will use, divert, obstruct, or change the natural flow or bed of any fresh or salt water of the state. Bottom barriers, rotovation, drawdown, dredging, harvesting, and cutting. Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife at 360/902-2534
Water Quality Standard Modification and/or Certification Required for activities, including chemical applications either in or around any waters. Herbicides, rotovation, and dredging. Washington State Department of Ecology's Water Quality Program at 360/407-6400
Fish Planting Permit (grass carp) Required to stock triploid (sterile) grass carp to control aquatic plants. Grass carp planting Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife at 360/902-2820
Natural Heritage Program Letter Program is state's bank of data on endangered, threatened, & sensitive plant species; native wetland plant communities, & aquatic & non-vegetated wetland systems.  Should get letter confirming search of critical plant species before any plant control activity. Program has limited data for lakes; specialist should survey for critical plant species. Aquatic plant control Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forest Resources at 360/902-1667
Aquatic Lands Lease and/or Authorization May be needed for proposed actions involving construction, filling, dredging, drilling, mining, road construction, utility installation, or other activities within the beds or shorelines of certain waters. Dredging, rotovation Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources at 360/902-1100
Forest Practice Approval Required for forest activities relating to growing, harvesting or processing timber, road construction and maintenance, brush clearing, slash disposal, as well as forest chemical applications undertaken around water bodies or other areas. Forest activities Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forest Practices at 360/902-1400
United States Army Corps of Engineers Permit (Sec.10 and 404) Required for placing dredged or fill material in the waters and/or wetlands, as well as work in navigable waters of the United States. Navigable waters include major rivers and Lakes Washington, Sammamish, Chelan, and Vancouver. Dredging U.S.Army Corps of Engineers at 206/764-3495