Interim Guidance for SMP Development

Due to the simultaneous repeal of the original 1972 guidelines (Chapter 173-16 WAC) and the invalidation of guidelines adopted in November 2000 (Chapter 173-26, Parts III and IV), Washington State currently has no SMP guidelines in effect.

However, local governments may continue to update shoreline master programs. Local governments considering plan updates are encouraged to contact Ecology's regional office Shorelands and Environmental Assistance planners for individual consultation and information.

Existing procedural rules relating to SMP amendments remain in effect (Chapter 173-26 WAC Parts I and II).

The current standard for review of SMP amendments is guidance found in the Shoreline Management Act itself, particularly Section 100.

Several local governments are conducting shoreline inventories in preparation for updates to local shoreline programs and critical areas ordinances. Ecology has prepared a web site with sources of data and information.

For more information

If you have questions about shoreline master program guidelines or interim guidance, contact LAWA e-mail