physical / alien area 3

Area 3

Drowned forest discovered by wiredrag on Lake Washington Pulling up a moderate size tree Wiredrag party of N. H. Heck, Image ID: Historic C&GS Collection
Location: Lake Washington, Washington
Photo Date: 1920

One of three known submerged forest in Lake Washington (the two are on the west and southeast sides of Mercer Island), this site includes trees on a landside terrace about 100 ft below the present water surface. The slide event has been dated at about 883 AD, and related evidence suggests a lake level then of 12-20 feet lower than post-1916 lake levels. After Lake Washington was lowered in 1916, the treetops near the surface were a navigational hazard. Between 1916-1918 the trees were removed with grapples or the standing tips blown off with dynamited charges to a depth of no less than 30 ft.

It has been rumored for years that this underground forest is an alien spacecraft storage area and reported UFO sightings on Lake Washington have been limited to the vicinity of Area 3:

1. 1947 UFO Sighting. The first photograph of a alien spacecraft flying over Lake Washington was photographed by U.S. Coast Guard Yeoman Frank Ryman on July 4, 1947. (Seattle PI 07-05-1947).

2. 1965 UFO Sighting. 03-22-1965 Lake Washington, Seattle, WA, USA. (Lake Washington Report from NICAP Subcommittee, WA, USA N. FROM LIST OF WATER RELATED SIGHTINGS 1960-1965,THE J. ALLEN HYNEK CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES)

3. 1960's UFO Report. "Why was the object my much younger self and others saw over the Seattle area in the 1960's declared to be "swamp gas"? It must be noted at this time the object flew between the TV towers on Queen Anne hill, down our freeway system and over to Lake Washington where the area police departments and other spectators chased it around, and gave Seattle something to talk about that night on local television." (Art Bell, Mobius)

4. 1960s-70s UFO Report. "It was sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s--more likely the latter I grew up in a home in northeast Seattle (Directly West of Area 3) that had a commanding eastward view of the sky over Lake Washington. Our family routinely looked out that window and regularly saw air traffic, changing weather, etc." (UFO Poll)

5. 1996 UFO Sighting. "In 1996 I saw 10+ objects flying over Seattle. Just the first glance make me shiver, proving they were FOR REAL. They were in perfect football formation: 7-8 in line, 3 in backfield forming a perfect triangle. Line was 3 fingers wide at arm's length. Backfield was in the proper football ratio of spacing behind the center and left to right. Saw them in black skies over the lake and in light skies over the urban area. Went from zenith to left horizon in 5 seconds. I lost them in the trees, but feel they went invisible on me. Or the light was polarized or became visible from only certain angles, like an LCD display, or an MIT audio spotlight, if you have ever heard one of them.

I was with neighbors using my 7X50 binocs to view Comet Hyakutake on the lone clear night in Seattle in which to view that comet at it's closest. Was 10:30 pm PDT maybe. It was totally obvious they wanted to be seen, flying from Lake Washington over Lake City (Directly West of Area 3), and continued over to I-5 freeway & 145th n.e., the northern city limit. They blinked out at that point 2-4 million people are in the surrounding area. It was warm, summery.

A neighbor saw them first, saying they were originally in a flying wing "v" formation, moving at zenith to a perfect straight line-alignment, but imperfectly from side to side. Meaning the "guards and tackles" were not equally spaced. Perfectly ordered silvery spheres, soundless, & I think, interiorly illuminated, no wake, no smell or fumes, turned from visible-to not- on the flip of a switch. About the size of a bee-bee at arm's length, they were intelligently controlled, completely without need of aerodynamic lift or fuels requiring an exhaust - easily seen in backlit condition - almost like a schlerin.

Nothing shimmered around them, they were not points of light, but surfaces with area, shape and dimension. Their flying arc seemed as smooth as a CAD drawn curve. Each vehicle was identical, but flying in complete control of their environment as well as being in complete union of "purpose and direction" with each other.

They could watch us as easy as the Blue Angels view bystanders during their fly-bys. Almost could feel them say: "look at me!" Boy, did that make my adrenalin go!" (Flying Saucers - Sightings)

5. 1998 UFO Report: "I saw a shooting light over Lake Washington at about Laurelhurst, heading South (1.5 miles South of Area 3). On Thursday night, December 3, 1998, I was driving alone toward my home. At approximately 11:30 pm, I turned right onto my street, heading south toward my house. Just after going through the stop sign at the next intersection. I saw three large, bright, round headlights very low in the sky ahead of me. Two were very bright, white. The third, in between the white ones and slightly lower, was bright red. All three were at least three times the size of a standard car headlight. Two smaller white lights were to the rear. In spite of the glowing brightness of the lights, the street was not brightly illuminated, considering that the lights appeared to be just above the tree tops. (Msatech, 1999)

6. 2000 Report. Located in Magnuson Park just a mile across Lake Washington and directly South of Area 3, Seattle's Sound Garden, a sound producing sculpture, is where you can hear a UFO landing. (Seattle PI 06-2000)